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105mm L7: CMC105 APFSDS-T: 3500: 430: 1501: 1980s: 105mm L7: DM23 APFSDS-T: 3000: 390: 1455: 1978: This is the German designation for the Israeli 105mm M111 round. The Leopard AS1 with DM23 is a good representation of a German Leopard 1A4 for 1978-86 scenarios (when the Leopard 1A5 became available). 105mm L7: DM33 APFSDS-T: 4000: 420: 1450. DM63 KE Cartridge (Rheinmetall) The DM63 round is based on the DM53, with modified propulsion-based Temperature Independent Propulsion System (TIPS) utilizing the SCDB technology. The new type uses 8.45 kg of pure bulk powder to achieve nearly the same muzzle velocity of the DM53 (1,650 m./sec on L44 barrel) DM63 has over 700mm of pen. And the germans figured its not enough so they're both developing a DM73 with a reported 800mm+ of penetration and a Rheinmetall 130mm gun which would increase the kinetic energy with +50% over the current 120mm gun. 88. Share . Report Save. Continue this thread level 2 · 1y ( ERA not include ) 1. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 1y. Centauro Swag . This. DM63 DM63 120 mm APFSDS-T, panzerbrechende Wuchtmunition (LKE II) L/55 Leopard 2 ähnlich DM 53 aber geänderte Treibladung (TIPS = Temperature Independent Propulsion Systems, temperatur-unabhängiger Antrieb), reduzierter abrasiver Verschleiß am Rohr und gesteigerte Schussentfernung bei erhöhter Treffgenauigkeit, Einführung 2005 DM38 DM38 120 mm Leopard 2 Übungsgeschoss für. The first one to enter service will be the DM73, which should reach qualification by year-end and will ensure an 8% performance increase over current DM53/DM63 rounds. However the round that will squeeze all the remaining growth potential from the 120 mm smoothbore weapon system will be the KE2020Neo; while the DM73 is an upgraded version of previous rounds, this one is a brand new.

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Modern western tanks' frontal armour protection is in excess of what can be penetrated by a 100 mm gun from anything but point-blank range - even using the most modern APFSDS round. For a tank that can manoeuvre to take advantage of the enemy's weaknesses this is less of a problem - but for a weapon that is primarily defensive, this is a serious problem. Today, the T-12 is applied mostly. Filed Under: Modern Vehicle News Tagged With: 120mm gun, APFSDS, bundeswehr, DM63, Leopard 2. Featured Articles. Tanks of World War II - Episode 7: Renault R-35 and Hotchkiss H-35. November 29, 2018 By tankandafvnews 1 Comment. Tanks of World War II - Episode 6: Char D1, D2 and FCM 36. August 31, 2018 By tankandafvnews Leave a Comment. Tanks of World War II - Episode 5: Renault FT. The M829A3 cartridge is a Kinetic Energy (KE), armor piercing, fin stabilized, discarding sabot, fixed round with tracer (APFSDS-T). This antitank round is intended for use in the M256 smooth bore gun and is designed to provide terminal effectiveness over the M829A2 cartridge. The M829A3 is a U.S. design/developed 120mm APFSDS-T cartridge

The 120mm KE DM63/DM53A1 is the world's first temperature-independent high-performance tank round. Its purpose is to destroy the latest generation of main battle tanks; even at long ranges of engagement, it can penetrate double-reactive armour. Fired from L44 and L55 tank barrels, the ammunition is extremely accurate. Its unique propellant system is temperature-independent. The 120mm KE DM63. Assessment: The 120mm x 570 DM63 round fulfils the level V criteria of STANAG 4439 and can be classified according to UN Code as 1.3 C Tests performed on packed DM63 rounds during DM 63 Qualificatio The DM 63 can be used in climatic zones C2 to A1, and fired from any 120mm smoothbore tank gun. 120 mm PELE Tank Ammunition The company's newly developed 120 mm PELE is an inert round. It contains no explosive and is therefore extremely safe to handle 105 mm M68A1 (IPM1) - DM63 APFSDS. 105 mm M68A1 (M1) - M833 APFSDS, DM63 APFSDS. The Freeaboo wet dream right here. Though I don't think the TTS or Abrams' ever used DM63. 8. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2. Type 93 / F-104J enjoyer 2 months ago. for the m1 and IPM1, its not a wet dream, but a pill to wake you up from a nightmare. the m1a1 kinda works but the 105mm abrumz tanks suffer. #WarThunder #MochiAPFSDS #OlifantMk2• Mochi Café Offical Discord Link : https://discord.gg/R6N4ASqBRV • My WarThunderLive : https://live.warthunder.com/use..

Here we see an M60 that had been shot by a DM-63 APFSDS

  1. At higher temperatures, DM53 outperforms DM63 as its pressure rises faster. DM63 was not designed for maximum performance, but for safe firing in hot climates and for reduced barrel wear. Over the whole qualified temperature spectrum, DM63's muzzle velocity differs by less than 100 m/s
  2. DM63 : APFSDS : 436 : 434 : 426 : 416 : 406 : 396 Shell details Ammunition Type of warhead Velocity (m/s) Projectile Mass (kg) Fuse delay (m) Fuse sensitivity (mm) Explosive Mass (TNT equivalent) (g) Ricochet 0% 50% 100% DM63 : APFSDS : 1,455 : 4.3 : N/A : N/A : N/A : 78° 80° 81° Comparison with analogues. Give a comparative description of cannons/machine guns that have firepower equal to.
  3. - Putting that aside, it would be very interesting to see if the British Army would create a Depleted Uranium APFSDS round for the 120mm L/55 smoothbore gun. Considering their limited budget however, they are more likely to just purchase DM63 Tungsten APFSDS rounds from Rheinmetall. ~Licayan09~ See More. Garupan History. Today at 5:48 PM. Garupan History . Today at 9:07 AM. The modular.
  4. DM63 DM12A2 42 rounds Leopard 2 A6 55 Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Greece 42 rounds 40 rounds Basic Load Training and Tactical designed for 120mm Compatible Weapon systems Training and Tactical designed for 120mm Compatible Weapon systems Comments DM48 DM18 M865 M831A1 M1002 Training Rounds DM33 DM53 DM63 DM12A1 DM11 DM31 Leopard 2 A4 or A5 44 Germany, Austria, Chile, Denmark, Norway.

> 15.000 διατρητικά βλήματα (apfsds-t) dm63. Οι παραδόσεις ολοκληρώθηκαν το 2007. > 1.200 εκπαιδευτικά βλήματα (tpcsds-t) dm38 από την Γερμανία. > 10.000 βλήματα κατασκευής της ισραηλινής εταιρίας ΙΜΙ, δύο τύπων: διατρητικά (apfsds-t) cl-4313 και. The DM 63 is a tungsten-based armor piercing tank ammunition designed for the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank from the Bundeswehr (German Army). This ammunition was developed specifically to fill a capabilities gap in missions out-of-area carried out by the German Armed Forces. The DM 88 is the training round fo the DM 63 KE projectile DM63 APFSDS-T. 41700. DM53 APFSDS-T. 41701. DM43 APFSDS-T. 41702. DM33 APFSDS-T. 41703. DM23 APFSDS-T. 41704. DM13 APFSDS-T. 41705. DM12 HEAT-T. 41706. DM11 HE-FRAG-T. 41707. 7.62x51mm 200rnd Box. 41708. Smoke Grenades Pack x16. 40700. 12.7x99mm 100rnd Box. 40701. ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇ . Finally, the DM63 APFSDS lets you to be much more risk-taking as you can now penetrate things like the Abrams's LFP, and more reliably penetrate the turret weakspots on Russian tanks like the T-80U. The machine guns, although with a lower rate of fire than the MG3 on most other German tanks of the BR, can elevate higher than the gun, so you can engage helicopters better. Pros and cons. Pros.

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The DM63 has some 600mm of penetration, which is equivalent to a 120mm DM33 or M829. I have the strange feeling that 600mm is getting very close to squeezing everything you possibly can out of the L7 / M68, so even if we did get M900 it would only be slightly better, and at the end of the day NATO made the switch to the M256 for a reason - the L7 / M68 wasn't quite cutting it any more 05/03/2021 120 mm, 130 mm, APFSDS, autoloader, MGCS, Rheinmetall, tank gun By Paolo Valpolini While the appearance of the Russian T-14 Armata tank in the 2015 May Parade has definitely triggered considerations on future tank armaments requirements in the western world, penetrating the T-14 having become the benchmark, it is safe to say that the slow deployment of that weapon system makes the. Rheinmetall is developing a new generation APFSDS round featuring a semi-combustible cartridge case, new propellant, and new advanced long rod tungsten penetrator as well as a high-explosive air-bursting munition (HE ABM) based on the 120 mm DM11 HE ABM in parallel with the gun; the cartridges are 30 kg (66 lb) and 1.3 m (4.3 ft) long that, according to the company, with the increase of 8% in. Schusstafel der 120 mm Kanone mit KE / APFSDS. Schusstafel der 120 mm Kanone - Stand 1987 - Berechnet für : Luftdichte 1150 g/m 3 und eine Höhe von 800 m üNN . 12 cm PzKan 87 - Can char 12 cm 87. Pfeil Pat 87 Lsp - Cart flèche 87 lum. Geschoßgewicht 7,2 kg fliegend 4,6 kg. KE. V 0.

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DM53 APFSDS wurde in DM63 umbenannt; Tarnung wurde von 25% auf 27,8% verbessert; WPB Anders. DM53 APFSDS wurde in DM63 umbenannt; DM43A1 APFSDS wurde in DM53 umbenannt; XM1. Die Höchstgeschwindigkeit wurde auf 77 km/h erhöht; ZBL-08. Die ATGM Nachladezeit wurde von 24 Sekunden auf 18 Sekunden reduziert; PvP. Eine neue Karte namens Grasfelder wurde hinzugefügt (die Karte ist im Standard- und. For instance, the Rheinmetall 120/L55 fires the DM63 ammunition with 7% more velocity and 15% greater impact energy than the same round fired from a Rheinmetall 120/L44. While this is no doubt a tangible improvement it neither dramatically improves lethality nor offer a tangible increase in effective engagement range. The next major leap in tank gun lethality will have to come from somewhere else

105mm L7: DM63 APFSDS-T: 4000: 530: 1455: 2000: This is the German designation for the Israeli 105mm M426 round. 105mm L7: M111 APFSDS-T: 3000: 390: 1455: 1978 105mm L7: M426 APFSDS-T: 4000: 530: 1455: 2000 105mm L7: PfeilPat78Lsp APFSDS-T: 3500: 390: 1450: 1978: This is the Swiss designation for the German 105mm DM23 round. 105mm L7: PPTFS M/85 LS APFSDS-T: 4000: 420: 1455: 1985: This is the. DM63 DM63 120 mm APFSDS-T, armor-piercing ammunition (LKE II) L / 55 Leopard 2 Similar to DM 53 but modified propellant charge (TIPS = Temperature Independent Propulsion Systems, temperature-independent drive), reduced abrasive wear on the barrel and increased shooting distance with increased accuracy, introduced in 2005 DM38 DM38 120 mm Leopard 2 Practice projectile for armor-piercing. Magazine Class Name Ammo Class Name Display Name Count Type Penetration Power; gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm72 gm_missile_hot_heat_dm72 DM72 1 HEAT 800mm gm_1Rnd_hot_heat_dm72_bl Ausgestattet ist der A7 mit der Rheinmetall 120mm L/55 Glattrohrkanone und kann damit nun Geschosse der neuesten Generation (DM63 Armour Piercing Fin Stabilisierte Discarding Sabot Tracer (APFSDS-T)) wie auch DM12 HE (high explosive) Munition abfeuern. Eine Reihe weiterer Verbesserungen steigern die Überlebensfähigkeit des Panzers und seiner Besatzung, so besitzt das Modell nun passive. Wuchtgeschoss. Ein Wuchtgeschoss ist eine Munition, die allein die kinetische Energie (KE) ihres Projektils nutzt, um die Zieloberfläche wie beispielsweise eine Panzerung zu durchdringen. Im Geschoss selbst wird deswegen auf Sprengstoff und Zünder verzichtet.. Weitere gebräuchliche Bezeichnungen für Wuchtgeschosse sind im militärischen Bereich KE-Geschoss und aufgrund der Geschossform.

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120mm DM63 / DM53 APFSDS Round. 120mm DM63 KE Round for The Leopard 2A6 Tank. The world's first temperature independent high performance tank ammunition, the DM 63 and DM 53 A1 (the latter is an upgraded version of the DM 53). What sets this round apart is its temperature-independent propulsion system (TIPS), which maintains its internal ballistic characteristics at a constant level through. The new type uses 8.45 kg of pure bulk powder to achieve nearly the same muzzle velocity of the DM53 (1,650 m./sec on L44 barrel). Maximize your budget with competitively priced, high-quality display technology built for 24/7 operation. Other minor changes. Laser guided (helicopter must maintain LOS with target. Off the record - DM63 New round whit minimum 700mm RHA penetration abilitis will. Dadurch kann der Detonationspunkt in Höhe und Entfernung von 1740 m/s. Reply. The gun braking system was improved to prepare for the later mounting of the new L/55 gun tube and to enable firing of more powerful ammunition, such as the DM-53 APFSDS. Press J to jump to the feed. Kombination Hohlladung und Splittergeschoss ist jedoch ein Kompromiss. Schweizer Alpen kann das Übungsgeschoss auch.

The DM63 replaced the previous DM53 APFSDS-T, which itself replaces the DM33, DM23, and the original DM13 APFSDS-T round. Each evolutionary step of the round tended to increase the length to diameter ratio, thereby improving penetration capability. The high explosive round is the DM12 High-Explosive Anti-Tank Multi-Purpose - Tracer (HEAT-MP-T), which incorporates a programmable fuze to. ZWS - Leopard MBT Pack brings some of the most advanced combat systems to Unturned, without the need for any plug-ins! Thanks WeeErazer for the MG3A1 LMG model, Nordic for the muzzles and КОТЯРА for the thermal shader In order to estimate the penetration power of APFSDS different mathematical fomulas can be used, such as the formula developed by Lanz and Odermatt for the Swiss military procurment agency. This formula has gained most acception in also mentioned in different documents of the US Army Research Laboratoy. It is an empiric forumla, which means it's a mathmatical interpolation of actual tests. Το ΓΕΣ αποκτά 12.000 διατρητικά βλημάτα (APFSDS-T) DM63/DM63A1, τον κορυφαίο τύπο για τα άρματα μάχης Leopard=2HEL. Τέλος στην εκκρεμότητα των πυρομαχικών των αρμάτων μάχης Leopard-2 μπήκε με τη προχθεσινή υπογραφή σύμβασης για την. @JonHawkes275 DM73 is the former DM63+ (8% improvement in performance). The DM73Neo/KE2020Neo is meant to achieve the 20% increase in performance. Both rounds will need the new L/55A1 gun. From my understanding SHARD is meanwhile designed to be compatible with Nexter's current gun

120mm DM63 APFSDS; 120mm DM12 HEAT-FS; 120mm DM12A1 HEAT-FS; 120mm DM11 HE-FS; 30x165mm 3UBR6 APBC-I; 30x165mm 3UBR8 APDS; 30x165mm M929 APFSDS; 30x165mm 3UOF6 HEI; 125mm 3P31 TPFSDS; 125mm 3BM9 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM12 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM15 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM17 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM22 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM26 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM29 APFSDS ; 125mm 3BM32 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM42 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM46 APFSDS; 125mm 3BM44M. DM53 APFSDS renamed to DM63; DM43A1 APFSDS renamed to DM53; XM1. Maximum speed increased to 77 km/h; ZBL-08. ATGM reload time reduced from 24s to 18s; Player versus Player. Added a new map called. Garupan History. 2,664 likes · 1,554 talking about this. Girls und Panzer and World of Tanks taught me about tank warfare

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73 mm FSRA HEAT round (SPG-9) RPG-7 (AP) Anti-tank mine P3 MK Tank & Anti-Tank Ammunition: Mine anti-tank p3 mk2 105 mm he tk p1 a1 106 mm heat m344a3 Artillery Munitions: 155MM HOW HE M483 A1-ICM 203MM HOW HE M 106 ROCKET 122MM HE (YARMUK) QF 25 PDR MK1/2 . Der Schutz von M1A2 SEP ist eine Schätzung der Frontal-Turmpanzerung von 940-960 mm gegenüber APFSDS und 1.320-1.620 mm gegenüber HEAT. Την ανάθεση παραγγελίας ύψους περίπου 52 εκατ. ευρώ για πυρομαχικά αρμάτων 120 χλστ. για τα 170 άρματα μάχης Leopard 2HEL (εξοπλισμένα με πυροβόλο L55 DM53 APFSDS renamed to DM63; DM43A1 APFSDS renamed to DM53; XM1. Maximum speed increased to 77 km/h; Player versus Player. Added a new map called Grassy Fields (the map is available in the Standard mode and the Encounter mode, then latter of which works in the night fighting mode) Player versus Environment. Adjusted the AI behavior to mitigate the excessive ATGM accuracy; Hydra - reduced the.

Denmark supposedly chose the DM53/DM63 APFSDS ammo over the KEW-A2 (M829A2 with tungsten penetrator), despite it having a slightly shorter length and slightly lower muzzle velocity, because DM53/DM63 provided better performance against special targets representing actual tank armour. According to German sources, the DM53 APFSDS can defeat certain armour arrays, that would provide 1,000 mm RHA. Darüber hinaus hat der CM11 auch Zugriff auf DM63, die bisher stärkste 105 mm APFSDS-Munition im Spiel, mit der er die meisten Gegner, die es auf dem Schlachtfeld gibt, erfolgreich besiegen kann! Vorherige Entwicklertagebücher. Nachtsicht-, und Wärmebildgeräte. Neue Nation bei War Thunder - China! Kartenfilter. Änderungen im deutschen Bodenbaum. Neue Schauplätze. Westland Scout & Wasp. | April 3, 2021. Keine Kommentare. dm 53 apfsds Die einzigen Granaten die er besitzt ist die DM63 und die DM11. Im Spiel kommt er NATÜRLICH nur die DM23 - und das als 10.7er! Dazu muss man auch bedenken das er an sich nur ein 2a4 ist und so wie er ins Spiel kommt wohl nicht besser wird als der 2a5 und 2a6. Finde ich schade, da es ja eigentlich ein echt cooles Fahrzeug ist They've switched to M919 APFSDS since the 90's, and APDS is all but gone from their arsenal. The Germans were using DM43 APCR rounds for the Rh202 on the Marder 1 since it was introduced, and they switched to DM63 APDS in the early to mid 80's, and the British used APDS for the RARDEN since it was introduced in the 70's. On the other hand, BMP.

TPMPM. Tennessee Physical Medicine and Pain Management. Home; About; Services; Our Physician and Practitioners; m829a3 vs dm63 AmRuKuo / / Lv. 126. A rating system that measures a users performance within a game by combining stats related to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / damage / wards / damage to objectives etc Robin Stolberg ist Coach für Biohacking und nachhaltige Performancesteigerung. Als Autor und Podcaster zeigt er Menschen natürliche Tools für mehr Fokus, Energie und Achtsamkeit

Περιοδικό Ιππικο - Τεθωρακισμένα Τεύχος Νο 81 Οκτώβριος - Νοέμβριος - Δεκέμβριος 201 APFSDS. Da drallstabilisierten Geschossen hinsichtlich der Mündungsgeschwindigkeit und damit auch in der Durchschlagskraft Grenzen gesetzt sind, wurden die panzerbrechenden, flügelstabilisierten Treibkäfiggeschosse entwickelt (APFSDS für Armor Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot). Sie stellen heute den letzten Entwicklungsstand der großkalibrigen Wuchtgeschosse, das heißt.

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Hedgehog armor (Igelpanzerung) is a special roof armor used by the Panzerhaubitze 2000 and the Schützenpanzer Puma, intended to defeat shaped charge cluster bombs which target the roof armor of.. I am pretty excited to have just added this beautiful IMI M426 105mm APFSDS-T projectile to my inert large bore DS collection. This round was also made in Germany under license as the DM63 and was fired in their early Leopard tanks when they were fitted with a 105mm gun. It was also sold to numerous foreign markets including South Africa. I really like the gussets incorporated into the sabot.

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According to the German sales team we spoke to, the 120mm smoothbore gun firing the newer DM63 APFSDS round has about 20-30% better penetration than CR2's CHARM3. The smoothbore gun also has a new programmable HE round with air burst capability. So I heartily agree that CR2 needs its main armament upgraded. It also needs a more powerful engine and gearbox to cope with weight growth. It will. armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot APFSDS-T) mit einer Durchschlagsleistung von maximal 120 mm Panzerstahläquivalents. mit dem Leopard 2A6 und dem modernsten verfügbaren Pfeilgeschoss DM63 auf den Turm eines T-14 (teilgedeckte Stellung) in einer Distanz von 3'000 m beträgt ungefähr 25% - oder anders gesagt: es wären statistisch gesehen vier Schüsse notwendig, um. Now for example, the 120mm APFSDS in the IDF is M338 and 105mm is M426. The M338 features mainly a new LOVA propellant, similar in principle to the DM63 upgrade over the DM53. The M426 is made directly in a DM63 cartridge. There is absolutely no similarity between Israeli and British APFSDS other than the fact they both make some sort of APFSDS. Israeli KEPs are unitary, and in the Merkava 3-4. Eine verbesserte APFSDS müsste stets aus einer Rheinmetall L55 zu verschießen sein und somit aus Leo2A6 und A7. Der Reporter hat also mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit etwas falsch verstanden. • Es wird nicht klar, ob hier über die aktuelle Generation DM63/53 geredet wird, oder ob die Bestände der BW gemeint sind - welche im Querschnitt ältere Generationen enthalten werden. Wird. First of all, a gun cannot defeat a tank all by itself. It's always a system of all the components: gun, ammunition, spotting, sighting, aiming equipment, as well as mobility of the whole system and the team operating it. One of the key penetrat..

apfsds vs heat. منتشر شده توسط در فوریه 24, 2021. موضوعات . متفرقه; برچسب ها. The new ERA can resist anti-tank gun shells adopted by NATO countries, including the state-of-the-art APFSDS DM53 and DM63 developed by Rheinmetall [and] anti-tank ground missiles with high. This can fire the latest Rheinmetall DM63 series APFSDS ammunition as well as the Rheinmetall DM11 programmable high-explosive air-bursting (HE-ABM) round which are already in quantity production for the German Army and export customers. One of the drawbacks of the currently deployed CHALLENGER 2 is that the commander`s SAGEM (today SAFRAN) stabilised sight only has day channels and a laser. DM63.jpg (146.3 KB, 66 views) The Following 6 Users Say Thank You to rigby For This Useful Post: apfsds (6th October 2020), Lightning (26th September 2018), Przezdzieblo (23rd December 2017), SG500 (23rd December 2017), Spaceinvader (27th December 2017), Wolchonok (22nd December 2017 The M420/4 has a similar trajectory to that of the combat APFSDS-T round M426 (DM63) - up to a range of 2000 meters. The Firing Tables of the combat M426 (DM63) round can be used for this training round IMISYSTEMS MEETING YOUR TARGETS :qas.æas.aa '1 05mm Characteristics Cartridge: Weight.... Length. Cannon used. Ballistic Performance: Muzzle velocity..... Accuracy (Typical S.D).. Training.

105mm DM63 APFSDS: AP: 47,590: 462: 0m: 600mm: 1,455m/s: 0.07° 6.60s: 3 {{{reloadm}}}s: 25.00rd/min Mobility [edit | edit source] Name Reputation Cost Credits Max Speed Reverse Speed 0 to 32km/h 0 to Max Speed Hull Traverse Fire Chance Iveco V6M TCA 520 hp Diesel Engine: Stock: Stock: 100.00km/h {{{reverse}}} 4.50s {{{0-max}}} 44.00deg/s {{{firechance}}} Upgrades [edit | edit source] B1. There also is the domestic PZ-531 APFSDS round, but this is rated at only around 500-520 millimeters RHAe at two kilometers. Some people speculate that this is the Pionki round, repackaged in a.

Für die 27mm gibt es übrigens auch schon ein APFSDS-Geschoss, neben AP, FAP, SAPHE, HE und MP. Der Wiesel könnte sich damit auch gegen gepanzerte Gegnern wehren, was mit Aden und Konsorten nicht ginge. Alternative wäre DEFA, die hat etwas mehr Energie als die ADEN, dürfte also zwischen 80 und 100 KJ liegen (27mm hat 137KJ und für die DM63 109 KJ). Für DEFA gibt es API, HEI, SAPHEI. It seems that these hulls will not withstand modern APFSDS ammunition. Crew members of the Leopard 2PL are seated on new shock-proof seats. The tank is also fitted with more efficient automatic fire suppression system. The Leopard 2PL tank retains a 120 mm/L44 smoothbore gun of its predecessor. However the gun was modified by Rheinmetall to be compatible with newly-developed high pressure. L1/SCDB Used at DM63 DM63 is the first APFSDS round that uses SCDB as its propellant. Temperature insensitive material is added to L1/M2400 propellant's surface. Flame temperature 3580K Impetus 1160j/g 13

This Malachite dual-layer ERA is claimed to protect against Top-Attack ATGMs like the FGM-148 Javelin and Missile Moyenne Portée aswell as 120mm APFSDS rounds like the German DM53/DM63 and American M829A3APFSDS just as the earlier Relikt ERA There's not much else in it, the penetrator itself could be the same as from 120 mm DM63 APFSDS. LOSAT has completed several tests a decade ago, the more compact follow-on programs (CKEM and IIRC the second was HATM) have not had their progress published as much.German HVM projects were mostly aimed at air defence applications. The Russians are testing one and may introduce it soon; the Mach. DM53 APFSDS renamed to DM63; DM43A1 APFSDS renamed to DM53; XM1 Maximum speed increased to 77 km/h; ZBL-08 ATGM reload time reduced from 24s to 18s; Player versus Player [edit | edit source] Added a new map called Grassy Fields (the map is available in the Standard mode and the Encounter mode, then latter of which works in the night fighting mode) Improved the grass display on the following. main menu. about us. our pastor & our roots; ministries; church ministries. house fellowshi

France Introduces an Improved APFSDS Long-Rod Penetrator Tank Ammo. Rheinmetall Supplies Extended Range Ammunition for 155mm Artillery. ARMATA - The Russian Battle Tank for the Future Generation. Franco-German Alliance - First Step on a 20-Year MGCS Development. Russian Army Receives New T-90M MBT . Gain Full Access to Defense-Update: Sign in. Remember Me. Lost your Password. Recent News. Gun: Better APFSDS than t-90. Better electronic, such as Infrared array, radar. Better Automatic Control System. You can clearly see China tank is much more accurate than India's, please just ignore the game scores because Russia will win anyway. You need to watch live video. Tank biathlon . Last edited: Mar 14, 2021. Positive Rating: 1 Like: 9 Love: 2 striver44 BANNED. Jul 25, 2016 4,845-15.

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DM63 is a round from NINETIES and has better penetration than what China was making in the Mid 2000s. The next German round will be closer to Vacuum series, again far surpassing anything China makes, which you consider better, despite there being no numbers available to back that up. You did the exact same with your second post, a bunch of pictures of Russian APFSDS from the times when China. Name: HeidebrandTeil2MarderLeo1030620.sce: Datum: 06/19/20: Startzeit: 19:45:20: Abschlußzeit: 21:31:34: Dauer: 75:47: Teilnehmer: 9: Mensch: PzBtl911-SERVER (BRD The L55 120mm tank gun system in use today in conjunction with the KE DM63 is no longer capable of successfully engaging the modernized portion of the Russian KPz fleet (several thousand vehicles) in the duel situation. 2. development of new 120 mm ammunition (KE2020Neo) would significantly reduce the capability gap to VJTF 2027 and provide the technological basis for closing this gap. 3. the.

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This is Photoshop's version of Lorem Ipsn gravida nibh vel velit auctor aliquet.Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis bibendum auci elit consequat ipsutis sem nibh id elit.uci elit consequat ipsutis sem nibh id elituci elit consequat ipsutis. Its new Malakhit (Malachite) ERA is claimed to protect against ATGMs like the FGM-148 Javelin and Missile Moyenne Portee (MMP) and 120 mm tank rounds like the German DM53/DM63 and American M829A3 APFSDS sabots. In addition to hard-kill and soft-kill APS, the developer uses a special paint that significantly reduces the vehicle's infrared signature. The floor is reinforced with an additional. Die neuesten APFSDS für die Rh120 schaffen irgendwas zwischen 650 bis 700 (genaue Daten sind leider noch nicht zu bekommen, Daten aus Janes Ammunition Handbook). Die Russen schaffen gerade mal runde 500 bis max 600mm (Janes Ammunition Handbook). Die Chinesen schaffen mit ihrem neuesten DU-Penetrator auf ihrer 125mm Kanone runde 700mm (Bericht aus der IDR vor paar Jahren). Die D-81 müßte. The sample news and analysis articles that were previously hosted on these pages have been discontinued. Up-to-date IHS Jane's defence and security news and analysis content can now be found on www.janes.com.. If you would like information about specific IHS defence and security solutions please use the following links

German Armor Blog: German 120mm Tank Ammunitio

  1. Wertung Abschüsse gesamt (Fahrzeug) Verluste gesamt (Fahrzeug) Schüsse auf eigene Truppe (Fahrzeug) Blau: Bedeutender Sieg (299.3 von 300.0) 98: 5: 0: Ro
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  5. Rheinmetall Defence - Large Calibr
  6. Currently unused vehicles, loadouts and weaponry in the
Tanks guns and ammunition

War ThunderㅣDM63 APFSDS with Centurion - YouTub

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  5. Ancil
Poland to unveil upgraded Leopard 2PL main battle tank atAPDS and APFSDS whats the difference? - Ground ForcesThe Tank is Dead, Long Live the Tank – Part 4 (SDSR, Army
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