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  1. Most builds are based on a tactical captain, but they would be build in the same way for the other careers. Don't miss our constantly maintained post for several build types like Support Ships, Science Ships, Cannon Ships, and Beam Ship. You will always get our latest suggestions there. Some build suggestions are including low budget builds
  2. They are focused on using Cannons but Beams could work decently too. Skilltree: Boffs: Here they are for Cannons: For Beam Overload: For Fire at Will + Torpedo: In case of survivability issues, replace Eng Team 1 with Emergency Power to Weapons 1 and replace Emergency Power to Weapons 3 with Reverse Shield Polarity 2. Doffs (for all builds)
  3. https://sto.gamepedia.com/Deuterium_Surplus. Completing the mission also unlocks the crafting schematics for this item. In the devidian arc mission where you meet Scotty, you can beam up after collecting the Nerve Tonic, equipit on the task bar and use it to perform a secret dance emote. (note: there's also a Tonic To-Go obtainable from the Bartender in that mission)
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Again, I am looking for a build based on what I posted earlier in the sheet. I have crafted MK II AP beams and have been saving up to upgrade them. I also have upgrade materials for the iconian set and tactical slot consoles. Left-click the upper-left corner between Column A & Row 1 (this selects the entire spreadsheet) Right-click, select -Copy The following build suggestions are all inlcuding low budget builds. Federation: Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit - Nebula Class (T5) Presidio Command Battlecruiser; Assault Cruiser (T5 Vize Admiral) Archon Intel Assault Cruiser (T6) Advanced Reserach Vessel - Sutherland Class (T6) Defiant Retrofit T5u [S13 The general theme of this build is to shamelessly rip off Atem's excellent build for the T6ABC. I'm trying to build a single-target sniper to grab an enemy's attention and squash it. The major difference between this build and Atem's is the method of cooldown reduction -- I'm relying on a combination of Peak Efficiency, Reciprocity, and AHOD with a healthy dose of Readiness to combat the CD increases of RPFLS. The advantages of this should be obvious -- it doesn't require close. Testing a Beam Build that alternates between BO and BFAW against a purist BFAW and BO build (~200k DPS in Solo ISAs for all 3) Ship beauty shot: U.S.S. Valhalla This is related to a past post that talks about using Entwined Tactical Matrices to have both Beam Overload and Beam Fire At Will on the same build, just because such a build feels fun for me to use

The Bio-Neural Warhead has an Anti-Proton beam weapon which gains benefits from the Anti-Proton boosting abilities of the Obelisk Warp Core, Temporal Weapon Set and the Tactical Consoles. It is best to use the Chroniton Dual Beam Array from the Temporal Warfare set from the Lobi Store can also help on this build As you can now play through any mission at any level when levelling up your character, you can selectively choose which missions to do to make the best use of your time playing the game. Here is a list of missions and the rewards you should choose if you are using a tetryon build Category STO Builds. Mission Reward Phaser Build. Posted in STO Builds | April 4, 2021. Below I detail a phaser build made using only mission rewards and craft gear. This build is a great place to start and then improve upon over time as you gain access to rep gear and more. I demonstrate in the below video how viable a mission reward/crafted gear build is in Star Trek Online and I don't.

Non-build discussion posts are welcome but must involve significant effort. Build posts are only effective when clearly communicated. While other formats (such as STO Academy links) are not prohibited, the preferred STObuilds template format went through considerable community effort to ensure completeness and clarity Budget Polaron Beam Overload Build STO 2021 - YouTube. Long Video walkthrough Plarium Play RD PP RDO 01+03 1920x1080 20 1124 stel. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If. You don't mix beams and cannons (including turrets). Never. You want tac boff abilitites to apply to all your energy weapons, so you use beams or cannons. Escort is normally a ship class to go dual heavy cannon with: it's maneuverable enough you should be able to position yourself so your main target is in their arc. (Top-tier cannon builds will often forego even having a torpedo, though imo for newer players in PvE it's better to keep one. STO, especially in these kinds of builds includes too many buffs which should/could be cycled permanently to click them all by hand, especially if u use a2b. U can try, but even if u make it u will not have the time to pilot your ship as i

Certain traits are more useful for one particular role, such as tanking, healing, and damage. Below is a list of what various editors of this article have found to be the best trait builds for players of various roles. Traits are now selected for you in-game but you still have a option to mix things up 1 Federation Trait Builds 1.1 Damage 1.2 Tanking 1.3 Healing 2 Klingon Empire Trait Builds 2. Torpedo builds work really well when combined with science. When attacking using beams you should broadside enemies in a spiral or serpentine manoeuvre, keeping both forward and rear facing weapons trained on your target for maximum DPS. If you are going up against an Intel Dreadnaught in PvP you will need to change your tactics. The Intel dreadnaught has five forward weapons and three aft. To take advantage of this you will need to get behind the dreadnaught and broadside from behind. Using. Skill Planner - STO Academy. FACTION. Federation Klingon Empire Romulan Republic Dominion. CAREER. Engineering Tactical Science SRS Galaxy-X Interactive Beam Overload Build. SRS Surhuelh Interactive EPG Science Build . SRS T5U-X Nova Retrofit Interactive Build BUILD DATABASE - ALLOW TIME FOR THE DATABASE TO LOAD. SRS Forum Builds including builds by Knight. Build Benchmarking. SRS Build Videos. The only real way to gain a good benchmark for your build in STO is using Starbase 234. This video attempts to explain the.

Romulan Plasma is actually one of the worst items in all of STO since they sacrifice one modifier for a Proc that does little compared to the cost of the lost modifier. No one I know that runs plasma uses Romulan Plasma. My one character that runs plasma just uses Crafted, but the Elite Fleet beams are also pretty solid. Pretty much anything. The Advanced Phaser Beam Array is a type of Phaser -based directed energy weapon available for characters that have commissioned a Constitution Miracle Worker Flight Deck Carrier, Legendary Constitution Temporal Flight Deck Carrier, or D7 Miracle Worker Flight Deck Carrier . Players who own either Constitution Flight Deck Carrier are granted 6. The reason this is a significant change is because traditionally, BFAW Cruisers are a mainstay concept in STO. Of course, BFAW=Beam Fire-at-Will, the ubiquitous BOff skill that lets you shoot at multiple targets for the duration of the ability. This is popular for a couple of good reasons: One, you are hitting something with beam arrays that may be out of their firing arcs. Two, you are targeting and taking out swarms of lesser enemies at once. And Three, it's a great tool. Beam Arrays are directed energy starship weapons dealing damage to a single target (2 targets while Beams: Fire at Will is active) within a 250° base targeting arc (widens to 360° for Beam Arrays with [Arc] modifier). They deal the maximum damage when 2km or closer to the target, although they can still deal some damage that decreases with distance up to their maximum 10km range (distance.

An Omni-Directional Beam Array is a directed energy starship weapon with an [Arc] modifier which gives it a 360° firing arc in addition to being able to utilize the standard functions of Beam Array weapons. Omni-Directional Beam Arrays all share an equip limit: you are only allowed to equip one Omni that is part of a set (eg. Mission, Reputation or Lobi Store) and one Omni that stands alone. The STO Guide A Guide for Beginers . Welcome! I started this Blog because I've found that there is a real lack of useful information with well-reasoned opinions for players of Star Trek Online to figure out how to succeed at challenging content or just improve their characters. On this site, I want to provide information on how to generally improve your character/gameplay. I'll be posting. Go to STO Academy and put in your ship build: include your Boff set-up, your skill points, and your reputation perks. When you post your completed build please state what role you want to fulfill as your career choice. Also include the Doff Set-up or wish-list and whether you would be contacted in-game or on the forums. Last edited by Baythan on Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:27 pm; edited 5 times in. In this video I go over a Phaser Beam Overload variant of the advanced level basic energy build. This is demonstrated on the Fleet Arbiter Battle Cruiser, wh..

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Sto Beam Boat Build 2020 Posted on August 28, 2020 by Sandra Skill tree rev my tactical beam boat dps league build that ship you ve always wanted dps leagu Beam Boat Build Sto. Posted on August 27, 2020 by Sandra. Odyssey star cruiser build help build that ship you ve always wanted odyssey star cruiser build help lethality lethality. Dps League. Dps League. Dps League. Dps League. Dps League. Steam Munity Your All Around Generic Beam Build Tutorial. Dps League. Dps League. Dps League . Dps League. Dps League. Steam Munity Ultimatedoomer1 S For. Science builds focus on dealing damage with (surprise) science abilities (we will not look at specialized niche builds for fixed teams in elite content here, like healer or (de)buffer). These abilities need EPG (exotic particle generator) or exotic damage boosts, and the ones I have chosen in this guide also profit from ctrlX and DoT buffs, so we focus on that Vice Admiral, STO Academy. Posts: 698 Threads: 12 Joined: Oct 2015 Reputation: 0 #2. 10-17-2017, 06:36 PM . First thing I noticed straight away damage type. You need to pick one! (Dirsuptors or Anti-proton are the best). Next thing - Pick one weapon type (in general). For a heavy destroyer I would chose beam arrays (my default weapon preference to be honest - so I am biased!) I would craft.

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13670 Hohe DPS Werte sind auch mit vermeintlich zweitklassigen Schiffen möglich. Zwar haben Schiffe wie die Flambard, Yorktown und das Krenim Imperium Warship auf dem Papier mehr Potential, aber die Nandi kostete weder Zen noch ECs. Die Vorteile der Nandi sind relativ offensichtlich: - 6 Brückenoffiziere, dadurch mehr Boni - 4 wissenschaftliche und 5 taktische Konsolen - 8 Waffen - LtC. I've been thinking about crafting a carrier build from scratch; any ships, traits etc. I should look into? I've been having trouble keeping all of my hangar pets alive with Boff abilities, so any improvement over that method would be great. Regarding ships, is there any way to obtain the T6 Discovery Connie other than lockboxes STO Academy Forum. Search; Member List; Help; Hello There, Guest! STO Academy Looked at your build and I'm quite confused. What are you trying to get out of this build? Tank? Weapons? or EPG? If I knew what you wanted out of the Jupiter I could really get you along. Find. Reply. AbdelAdrian Forum Cadet. Posts: 3 Threads: 1 Joined: Aug 2016 Reputation: 0 #3. 09-02-2016, 08:18 PM (This post. And can be used with a beam build with no cost to DPS. The 8472 set bonus turns your turret into a Point Defense System so any frigates, Torpedoes and fighters get shredded if they get to close. Second the Terrens Torpedo acts like a double tap for regular torpedo fire and adds one more regular torpedo to each of the torp spread clusters. Oddly enough when you fire a high yield 8472 with.

Code BEAM STO is the only conference in Europe to bring Erlang, Elixir, and all of the languages that run on the BEAM together. Learn from 50+ cutting-edge talks and our in-depth training program, how BEAM languages are revolutionising areas like IoT, Blockchain, Fintech, Security, Machine Learning and more. As of 2018, Code BEAM STO, formerly known as the Erlang User Conference, joined the. #StarTrekOnline #STO #BuildsThe second and 'final' build for the Deimos-class Pilot Destroyer from Picard, this build focuses on single target destruction wi.. - 2 +Beam Konsolen, bei zweien ist der Unterschied zu AP extrem gering - Bioneural als 5. Technik-Konsole - 4 Konsolen für Plasmaschaden mit [EPG] und +Threat, für den Feedbackpuls und den Resonance Beam - den Damage Control müsste ich eigentlich rausnehmen, ich nutze Strategie als sekundäre Spezilaisierung und lass Aux2Sif als CD Reduktion laufen. Falls Du den Terran Disruptor nicht.

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  1. Beams: Overload Attack Upgrade - Damage Beam Overload improves your next beam array attack. Basic Information. Profession: Tactical; Region: Space; Game Description: Overload massively increases the damage caused by your Beam Weapons for a short duration, at the cost of slower shots for the duration.When activated, this ability can be used to quickly lower a shield facing, or to inflict.
  2. Das Build kann natürlich 1zu1 auf Beams auch übersetzt werden. Auch wenn das Schiff definitiv optimaler mit Kanonen zu fliegen ist. Falls du Fragen dazu hast kannst du die jederzeit stellen, mit diesem Build hab ich im Januar im Nanny Run 445k im ersten Anlauf gemacht, denke da sind theoretisch noch mehr drin. In Pug runs macht das Teil 200-250k. Bei diesem Build hier hab ich mir wirklich.
  3. Beam builds are fine. They don't have the ridiculous dps numbers you get from cannon builds, but they do more than enough and are less situational. I do around 150k with my best beam build, which usually is more than the rest of my team did added together. Just be aware that using Fire At Will with beams gives you a lot of the aggro, so you.
  4. Was lucky once to have DOff that made an omni directional beam don't know what happened to that officer just disappeared I have been searching endlessly 4 a beam weapon officer that can make Omni directional beams, please help!! (I have burned up millions in energy credits buying duty officers that cannot make Omni directional beams- even when I had enough EC's to buy one particular duty.
  5. Although this build looks weird trust me it puts a lot of DPS down range. The 2-piece Temporal set gives, +8.9% Directed Energy Weapon Damage+5% Critical Severity The 2-piece borg gives, On hit with any energy weapon, 2.5% chance: to self: Applies Omega Weapon Amplifier : +10 Weapon Power for 3 sec+500 Weapon Power Drain Resistance for 3 sec-500% Weapon Power Cost for 3 se
  6. STO n00b Guides are aimed at new players or experienced players trying a game mode or ship build that they haven't tried before. Ship builds discussed are typically for Lieutenant Commanders, but the points made can usually be applied to other ranks. Britton has been playing STO since summer 2012, but hardly plays at all since he has two kids
  7. a short video going over the skill tree that i use on my main character, a tac build skill treethanks for watching,like & subscribe for mor

Beam Weapons. Beam weapons are the most common starship weapons in the Star Trek universe, and are the default weapons of most Federation vessels. Beam weapons can be mounted on all ships. Beam Arrays trade damage output for a very wide firing arc, making them easy to bring to bear on an opponent and well suited to less manoeuvrable ships like cruisers Omni Beams are inferior to single beams in every way except their firing arc. If you removed restrictions on Omni Beams and let people slot 8 of them.. hey great.. congratulations.. you just made a weaker beam build. Bravo! Removing the restriction on Omni Beams wouldn't shift the meta any more then the lack of restriction on Turrets. You could. Noting that barely anyone knew anything about torpedo mechanics other than, beams are better, I decided to document my builds, and ask game mechanics questions from those wo reversed-engineered the game. ***** This is for the people who want to play at the edge of STO DPS: If you do not enjoy playing games at the highest difficulty setting, this is not for you. If you get frustrated easily.

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Please like and SUBSCRIBE! Please consider sponsoring my channel on Patreon!https://www.patreon.com/mikemorea With all that said, I present my Scryer Beam Boat build. I'd like for you all to take a look at it, kick the tires a bit so to speak, and give me feedback. I'm not 100% sold on the Delta weaponry, so I'm willing to look into other options there. Additionally, I have a limited selection of traits to choose from. Specifically the trait from the Scryer, the Nandi, and the delta recruit content.

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Passive accuracy, clicky haste - great combo to ensure that when those Beam Overload shots go off, it hits and hits often. 3. Tachyokinetic Converter on a raider. It's all about the Control & Crit. Type Mods; Fore Weapon 1: Ba'ul Antiproton Dual Beam Bank [CrtD/Dm] [CrtD]x2 [Dmg]x2: Fore Weapon 2: Ba'ul Antiproton Dual Beam Bank [CrtD/Dm] [CrtD]x2 [Dmg]x2: Fore Weapon 3: Ba'ul Antiproton Dual. Beams because FAW3 (Fire at Will 3) is a Beam-based ability and it is really the best for high DPS and tanking because it targets any/all ships and increases the beams' fire rate by about 50%. Arrays, and not Beam Banks, because Arrays have a 250 degree firing arc and slow turning ships have a hard time maneuvering to attack enemies with Beam Banks (90 degree firing arc) while moving. Movement.

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44th Fleet's Star Trek Online beginners guide, 90% of all Frequently Asked Questions: Especially if you plan to play STO for a while this will be a welcome quality of life boost. Btw, you can earn the 1,000 zen just playing the game - though it will take several weeks. Additionally, the in-game day-to-day currency, or ec, bank cap for free2play players has a maximum of 15 million ec. STO - Science Vessel Build. December 20, 2016 December 20, 2016 jzholloway Builds, Fleet, Star Trek Online, tips, Tutorial Builds, Playstation 4, PS4, Science, Star Trek Online, STO. Thanks to VoidKraken (PSN) for the following build: Since build posts are all the rage, I figured it was high time to share my Space Magic Science build! I've included a full guide to all components used and. Guides: Science Build Introduction Utopia Planitia: Ship Building Basics Specific Builds: Beams - Cannons - Torpedos The ugly side of STO - or Ground Builds 101. Loadouts ; Before the tree revamp there was a build that was (which I can't find anymore) that was effectively a reflection boat (I don't know if that is the correct term for it). e.g. The more damage that the ship received, it would.

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A quick video to show you the visuals of the new space items from the Borg Lock Box.STO Trek is my series of videos about the game Star Trek Online. I don't. There are many approaches to playing any given ship class in STO, and this is just one approach. But my philosophy on ship configuration has worked out well for me in the game, so I thought I'd explain it here. If you're new to the game in general, you might also want to look at my beginnner's guide for general information about ship and captain classes, general game play, and character.

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And, let's face it, healing is good, but damage is truly the most important ability a player can build into a ship in STO. Eventually, the enemies have to die and you have to actually do enough damage to hold aggro if you are trying to build a tank. (FYI: I don't recommend tanking, but being a little tanky, ie tough, is certainly practical. Welcome to STO, Cryptic Studio's Star Trek Online! Since many of the game's rules and details aren't immediately obvious, I decided to write a beginner's quick-start guide with information that I've learned while getting started. When starting in the game, the first thing you will need to do is create your character. This is the captain of your ship, the character you will control directly in. A edited/updated repost of my ground build, after the initial STOA ground collection thread was a bust. New are the comparisons to current favorites like Delta Expansion Kit and Herald Tactical Combat Armor, as well as the Boolean and Herald Staff weapons.----- Bhaltair - Romulan (Fed aligned) Tactical Officer Shoot, Crit and Expose all the things Build aka Romulan Plasma.

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I highly recommend using Beams and will focus this guide on them, but not everyone will want to use the same build for every character - variety is the spice of life, after all. If you use Torpedoes, the best items won't be the same as if you fly a Beam Boat. I can only answer this question specifically for certain builds, individually. (I don't know every possible build and it would be more. So you've been an STO regular for a very long time. You're a lifetime subscriber; you've flown beam boats and cannon escorts, maybe even a little science and a torpedo as a secondary weapon. You hate to say it, but you're getting a little bored with the repetition. You're looking for something new to do. But what is there left? Torpedo boat! I was talking with one of our regular.

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Shop; Doll; Live; Strip; Gallery; YouTube; My account; Checkout; Cart; Terms Of Service; Shipping, Returns and Refund Ähnlich wie bei den Eskorten habe ich auch bei Kreuzern eine sehr subjektive Meinung, was die Effizienz von Builds betrifft, deswegen stelle ich hier einen Basistyp in den Vordergrund, den typischen 7-8 Beam-Kreuzer. Diese Grundansicht mag etwas polarisieren, aber der Vorteil dieses Builds liegt in seiner Einfachheit. Einfach zu skillen. NOTE: While this guide was written for the STO on the PS4, much of the information will still be correct on other platforms. The Quantum Phase Torpedo is one of the strongest in the game, because it can bring down most of the shields down in one or two hits, especially if you are using it with torpedo spread. Just make sure, that you are stacking on Drain expertise, which you can do with the. Herzlich Willkommen im offiziel unterstützen Forum zu Star Trek Online! Wenn dies Ihr erster Besuch hier ist, lesen Sie bitte zuerst die Hilfe - Häufig gestellte Fragen durch. Sie müssen sich registrieren, bevor Sie Beiträge verfassen, oder Anhänge sehen können.Klicken Sie oben auf 'Registrieren', um den Registrierungsprozess zu starten I'm also pretty set on a beam boat build. Currently I'm flying the Paladin Temporal Battlecruiser but I do tend to switch ships every few months, so these weapons will move with me to whatever ship I command next. Aside from the slots that are already locked in (KCB and Quantum Phase Array for example), I currently have 4 Phaser Beam Arrays MK13 (Rare) [CrtD] [Pen] which I'm trying to decide.

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Die Dual Beam Bank stellt da eine gute alternative dar. Zusammen mit den Turrets fliege ich nun etwas mehr wie eine Eskorte. Die Wendegeschwindigkeit reicht aus. In STFs fliegt man eh weniger hin und her. Also optimal. Der Schaden hat sich von ca. 600 auf fast 1000 erhöht (je Schuss) von der Dual Beam Bank. Die Turrests schaffens immerhin noch auf 400. Da ich vorher meistens nur zwei Waffen. The Universal Defense Platform and included hangar bay significantly beefs up your armament with a deployed weapons beam array and a cache of mines, along with a hangar bay assist for added damage. This ship can be purchased in the Zen store for 3,000 Zen. 8. D'Khellra Warbird Battlecruiser. D'Khellha Warbird's damage resistance increases as damage to enemies increases. Making sure that we don.

Code BEAM STO is the main conference in Europe to bring Erlang, Elixir, and all of the languages that run on the BEAM together. Due to the ongoing risks of the pandemic we won't be able to meet in person in May as usual. Nevertheless, we know how much this event means to the community, that's why we're giving you a virtual conference - Code BEAM V Europe! Accessed from anywhere in the world. And, let's face it, healing is good, but damage is truly the most important ability a player can build into a ship in STO. Eventually, the enemies have to die and you have to actually do enough damage to hold aggro if you are trying to build a tank. (FYI: I don't recommend tanking, but being a little tanky, ie tough, is certainly practical. All right, so this one is going to take some explanation. The latest update to Star Trek Online has arrived along with the patch notes, which is to be expected.What was not, however, was one particular line where the weapon proc from Advanced Beam Arrays now grants a scaling buff to Advanced Beam Critical Severity, instead of Bonus Damage

Zoobers McMeow's Benthan Assault Cruiser : stobuildsMirror Patrol Escort Build | Doovibuild a model viking boat - learn how to build boat bdoDPS LeagueEric Meadows-Jönsson

This guide will help to make the endeavor grind as quick and painless as possible. Since the Foundry and its easy to do kill accolade missions were removed from the game, some endeavors have become far less convenient to complete. For obvious reasons straightforward endeavors such as deal a certain type of damage will b Build. Ok, we all know my builds are a bit dodgy. In this case I carried over my Guardian Cruiser build which allows me to compete in Elite missions without fear of holding the group back. Back in the day when I ran my Chel Gret I focused my build on DHC's forward with a single Dual Beam weapon. That build was effective in all STF's with the added bonus of being able to drop a Gravity Well. Code BEAM STO 2018 brought together over 50 speakers across two-days. It focused on real-world applications of BEAM languages, concurrency, distributed computing and scalability. It strived to bring together people passionate about the Erlang Ecosystem and high-performance, massively scalable distributed systems The STO Guide A Guide for Beginers. Welcome! I started this Blog because I've found that there is a real lack of useful information with well-reasoned opinions for players of Star Trek Online to figure out how to succeed at challenging content or just improve their characters. On this site, I want to provide information on how to generally improve your character/gameplay. I'll be posting. Code BEAM STO is a great place to meet others in the community who may be doing similar things to you or something so radically different that it inspires you to new heights. VENUE. JOIN US ONLINE! (London spirit) This is a global event accessible to all online! In spirit, we will be in London, the original location of the Code Mesh event originally scheduled at the time of this event! Log in.

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